Blogger Dynamic Templates

I just switched to the Blogger Dynamic Template.
You can read about what if offers readers here, and what Blogger wrote about it here.

I am still on the fence about keeping it, or switching back to my old custom template, or adopting one of the standard templates.

It is much easier using standard Blogger templates vs. using custom templates; the template designer keeps up with new Blogger features, or Blogger changes. With custom templates there is always manual CSS and HTML editing involved.

My previous template was a hand made template in order to get a wider reading area, where the default templates are very narrow and wastes tons of space on larger displays. It is also wasteful in space since the main reading area is restricted in width by the presence of the side-bar sections, that leaves lots of open space.

The dynamic template offers lots of customization in terms of width, colors, and fonts, and offers a great reading experience. But, very few of the classic widgets work in the dynamic template, and some widgets have much reduced functionality.

Windows Live Writer, my blog editor of choice, is unable to import the dynamic template for WYSIWIG editing, leaving me with a what you see is not what you get editor.

I will leave the dynamic template active for now, and see if it grows on me.

Let me know what you think of the dynamic template.


  1. Did you know prior to this, there were two automated 'temporary posts for theme detection' in your feed?


  2. Hi Jeremy, I didn't know, but I've seen them in other feeds, even feeds from Microsoft MSDN or TechNet.I think it is when Windows Live Writer creates a temporary post so it can read the template, then it deletes the post. In between creating it and deleting it FeedBurner pushes the update to RSS.Btw, any update on the support email a coworker sent?


  3. Aslı İnci says:

    Did you see any reduction in your bounce rate after you switched to the dynamic template? I also switched to the dynamic views and my bounce rate was reduced incredibly after the change. I like the dynamic template, it looks very clean.


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