Hi, my name is Pieter Viljoen, and this is my personal blog.

I use this blog to document my discoveries, dilemmas, and delights.

I work in the software and cybersecurity industry, the content reflects my personal opinions, and are not reflective or representative of my employer or their customers.


9 replies on “About”

I saw a question you posted in AVS forum about Vantage programming by users, I am a vantage user and i have learned to program in it just by videos reading on the internet and trial an error, are you still interested in exchanging some knowledge?


Hello Pieter,
I found your blog when I was serching for a solution for an “Error when sending Enable Message to ME” after a BIOS update to 3.3 for my supermicro X9DAE bord. Now I can’t use my system anymore, because Windows 10 exits right away with an ACPI BIOS error. I contact you because I`m quit desperate. I saw you had simmular problems solved. Sorry to bother you with this. Maybe you still have an older version of the bios?

Thank you for your blog – it gives me hop to find a solution.
Would be greatfull to hear from you, thank you in advance,


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