2008 VW Touareg Tire Pressure Discrepancy

I drive a 2008 VW Touareg with stock 17″ Pirelli P255/60R17 Scorpion STR tires. I noticed the VW recommended tire pressure was 2PSI higher than the tire’s maximum pressure rating. The tire pressure sticker on the driver door indicated 46PSI, while the tire wall indicated a maximum tire pressure of 44PSI. Overinflating tires is potentiallyContinue reading “2008 VW Touareg Tire Pressure Discrepancy”

Archived Content and Templates

I have now moved all old archived content from my website to this blog, the old pages contain links to the equivalent blog postings. I know the copy-and-paste blog formatting is not very elegant, but it will do. I was using the standard Blogger “Tic-Tac” template, but the readable area was not wide enough toContinue reading “Archived Content and Templates”

Broken Symbol Proxy

This post is about Microsoft Debugging Tools for Windows, symbol servers, and symbol proxy servers. You can read my posts about this problem on the Microsoft WinDbg group, and on the Google Chromium group. We run several symbol servers, and a single symbol proxy server that provides transparent access to all our symbols servers, asContinue reading “Broken Symbol Proxy”

Installing Vista SP1 with an OEM key

I received my new Lenovo ThinkPad T61 notebook, pre-installed with Vista Ultimate, but also with 3rd party software I did not care for. I wanted a clean Vista install, and that is exactly why I made sure to order the recovery media with the notebook, thinking that this will include an OS install DVD. ItContinue reading “Installing Vista SP1 with an OEM key”