2008 VW Touareg Tire Pressure Discrepancy

I drive a 2008 VW Touareg with stock 17″ Pirelli P255/60R17 Scorpion STR tires.
I noticed the VW recommended tire pressure was 2PSI higher than the tire’s maximum pressure rating.
The tire pressure sticker on the driver door indicated 46PSI, while the tire wall indicated a maximum tire pressure of 44PSI.
Overinflating tires is potentially very dangerous.
I posted my findings on the Club Touareg Forum, and other owners of similar vehicles confirmed the same information on their tire labels.
I opened a support case with VW USA asking what the correct recommended tire pressure is.
VW’s said that the label is correct.
I explained that the recommended pressure exceeds the maximum pressure, they said they would get back to me.
After a few weeks I was contacted and told that I should use the recommended pressure as indicated on the tires.
I explained that there is no recommended pressure indicated on the tires, just a maximum pressure, they said they would get back to me.
After about a month I was contacted and told to inflate the tires to less than the maximum rating.
Not much help.
 Since I made no real progress with VW support, I contacted Pirelli, and they were much more helpful.
I received this reply via email:
Thank you for your recent inquiry.
Pirelli recommends VW to advise owners of the Touareg VIN’s equipped with Pirelli P255/60 R17 106H TL RB (VO) Scorpion STR engraved with the marking MAX PRESSURE 300 KPa (44 PSI) that the tire is capable to be inflated at the maximum cold inflation pressure of 350 KPa (51 PSI) and that both tire markings
MAX LOAD 950 KG (2094 LBS) MAX LOAD 950 KG (2094 LBS)
conform to FMVSS 139 and ETRTO requirements.
Pirelli Tire North America
Consumer Affairs
The table that references 950Kg for both 44PSI and for 51PSI still had me confused, so I called Pirelli directly.
The person informed me that this is a known issue of the tires being mislabeled, and that VW should know about it. 
I was told that the correct maximum pressure of the tires are 51PSI, and that I should follow the recommended rating on the VW door sticker of 39PSI front and 46PSI rear.
This is the label on the driver side door body pillar, rear tire pressure is 46PSI:
Click for large image.
This is the label is on the side of the door, underneath the latch, note the discrepancy with the other label, rear tire pressure is 44PSI:
Click for large image.
The tire markings indicate the maximum pressure is 44 psi:

Click for large image.

Click for large image.

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