I created this page as an index to all my posts about the Zotac ZBOX Mini-PC ZBOXHD-ID11.


This is my first post created using Windows Live Writer.
I used to create my posts using Google Docs, but a recent upgrade to Google Docs removed the ability to publish docs to Blogger. Ironic that I am now using a Microsoft product to post to Google šŸ˜‰


  1. Steve says:

    Great work with the detailed review of the ID11. I've owned mine since they first came out and I wish I had found this site sooner.


  2. Chris says:

    I would like to thank you for sharing so much about your early experience with this box. I just purchased the ID11 and threw in 2 GB ram and 250gb hdd. My goal was to use it as a HTPC and watch Netflix, Hulu, and use MCE running on windows 7. I am having trouble with streaming content (both flash 10.2 and silverlight 4.)Have you had any luck with the above? I have the latest BIOS updated and latest drivers as of March 6, 2011. But I am having some difficulty tweaking it to achieve my above goals. I understand that Netflix HD content will suffer since it uses Silverlight (hopefully SL 5 helps!), but I am not able to even get decent performance even with non-HD netflix fullscreen, or hulu fullscreen. Hulu 360p is even choppy. I know I am missing something. I even dropped the resolution to output 720p to the display and didnt seem to help.Do you have any suggestions? Also, if you have the above working, can you possible list what version of drivers (specifically related to video, sound, etc that are crucial.) As well as what versions of flash and silverlight. If I can emulate a working build, I might just get this thing up and running.


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