Zotac ZBHOXHD-ID11 Case Positioning Impact on Fan Noise

As I was testing the ID11, I noticed differences in the thermal behavior based on how the case was positioned.
I tested three positions; case open, case vertical, and case horizontal.

This is the fifth post in a series of posts related to the Zotac ZBOX ZBOXHD-ID11.


  • Place the case in a vertical position for best cooling.


I used the Beta BIOS for testing. I let the system sit idle, placed it under load, then back to idle, while I recorded the fan speed and temperatures. The ambient temperature was 21C / 70F.


Below are the CPU temperature and fan speed graphs for an open case:




Below are the CPU temperature and fan speed graphs for a vertical case:




Below are the CPU temperature and fan speed graphs for a horizontal case:





Case Placement

Max CPU Temp

Max Fan Speed

Open Lid 55C 1700RPM
Vertical 59C 2350RPM
Horizontal 66C 3300RPM


From the data we can see that the fan does not appear to have sufficient ventilation, and that in the horizontal position the air flow appears to be severely restricted.

I am tempted to mod the case to allow for better airflow, maybe cut a larger opening for the intake, or replace the centrifugal blower fan with a conventional fan, something like the Scythe KAZE JYU SLIM.


  1. Paul says:

    Am enjoying your postings bigtime; a question, though: Are you getting high-pitched buzzing from the entry point of the power plug during the off state? It disappears during power-on, or even during sleep when the blue light comes on intermittently.I suspect it is a design flaw rather than a RMA issue, possibly caused by the resistor coil or by the motherboard being poorly insulated from the chassis.


  2. Yes, same problem. When powered down or sleeping there is a high pitched noise. When powered on, no noise.I was planning on RMA'ing because of it, the noise gives me a headache.


  3. Paul says:

    I am quite anxious to hear Zotac's official response; I have an engineer working on it and I'll share any news here.


  4. Roy says:

    Hi, can you tell me at what rpm, the fan is not audible, barely audible, acceptable, noticable, and loud? Thanks.


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