Antec Veris Fusion Black HTPC case

This article was originally posted here. Introduction: I purchased an Antec Fusion Black case to replace my aging HTPC. The case looks very nice, until you turn on the LCD display… The Good: The case looks very nice. The construction is solid. The Bad: The two included case fans do not have speed monitoring wires,Continue reading “Antec Veris Fusion Black HTPC case”

Philips digital photo frame

This article was originally posted here. Introduction: I have been looking for a digital photo frame for a while, and from what Iread the Philips Photo Framemodels appear to have very good image quality and good features. I bought a Philips 9″ wood border model 9FF2CWO. The Good: The frame looks very nice. The imageContinue reading “Philips digital photo frame”

Vista SP1 and Intel GMA blue screen crash

I previously commented on this problem here and here.I participated in the Microsoft Vista SP1 Beta program. After installing Vista SP1 Beta on my machine with an Intel DG33TL motherboard, and installing version 15.7.3 of the Intel GMA drivers, my machine would blue screen crash when it goes to sleep. The crash happens in theContinue reading “Vista SP1 and Intel GMA blue screen crash”