Intel DP45SG and Lian-Li PC-C33B HTPC

I recently built a new home theater PC using an Intel DP45SG motherboard and a Lian-Li PC-C33B case. I am replacing my existing HTPC that appears to be not quite compatible with Windows 7. The existing machine uses a Lian-Li PC-C31B case, Intel DG33TL motherboard, and ATI Sapphire HD 2600XT video card. I started documentingContinue reading “Intel DP45SG and Lian-Li PC-C33B HTPC”

Hitachi Ultrastar and Seagate Barracude LP 2TB drives

In my previous post I talked about Western Digital RE4-GP 2TB drive problems. In this post I present my test results for 2TB drives from Seagate and Hitachi. The test setup is the same as for the RE4-GP testing, except that I only tested 4 drives from each manufacturer. Unlike the enterprise class WD RE4-GPContinue reading “Hitachi Ultrastar and Seagate Barracude LP 2TB drives”

Power Saving RAID Controller (Continued)

This post continues from my last post on power saving RAID controllers. It turns out the Adaptec 5 series controller are not that workstation friendly. I was testing with Western Digital drives; 1TB Caviar Black WD1001FALS, 2TB Caviar Green WD20EADS, and 1TB RE3 WD1002FBYS. I also wanted to test with the new 2TB RE4-GP WD2002FYPSContinue reading “Power Saving RAID Controller (Continued)”

DELL 2408WFP and Spyder 3 Elite

I upgraded my vista Ultimate x64 workstation to a dual monitor setup using two 24″ DELL 2408WFP displays connected to an ATI HD4850 video card. I immediately noticed that the colors were unnaturally bright and over-saturated. I had a similar problem on another workstation with a 30″ DELL 3007WFP-HC display. My original 3007WFP was great,Continue reading “DELL 2408WFP and Spyder 3 Elite”

Power Saving SATA RAID Controller

I’ve been a longtime user of Adaptec SATA RAID cards (3805, 5805, 51245), but over the years I’ve become more energy saving conscious, and the Adaptec controllers did not support Windows power management. My workstations are normally running in the “Balanced” power mode so that they will go to sleep after an hour, but sometimesContinue reading “Power Saving SATA RAID Controller”

Intel DG33TL motherboard

This article was originally posted here. Introduction: After my bad experience with the Abit F-I90HD motherboards, read about ithere, I purchased two Intel DG33TL motherboards. Although these boards do not have HDMI onboard, they do have HDCP compliant DVI,and by adding an ADD2 HDMI board you get HDMI and audio over HDMI. The Good: OnboardContinue reading “Intel DG33TL motherboard”

Antec Veris Fusion Black HTPC case

This article was originally posted here. Introduction: I purchased an Antec Fusion Black case to replace my aging HTPC. The case looks very nice, until you turn on the LCD display… The Good: The case looks very nice. The construction is solid. The Bad: The two included case fans do not have speed monitoring wires,Continue reading “Antec Veris Fusion Black HTPC case”

Philips digital photo frame

This article was originally posted here. Introduction: I have been looking for a digital photo frame for a while, and from what Iread the Philips Photo Framemodels appear to have very good image quality and good features. I bought a Philips 9″ wood border model 9FF2CWO. The Good: The frame looks very nice. The imageContinue reading “Philips digital photo frame”