Mattos RGB Trim permanent roofline RGB pixel install

[Late post] I finally got around to installing permanent under eve roofline RGB lights, and I’ll share me experience and opinion of the Mattos RGB Trim I used. See my previous post and post on RGB holiday lights for background. I pre-ordered Mattos Engineering RGB Trim in December 2021 and received the shipment end ofContinue reading “Mattos RGB Trim permanent roofline RGB pixel install”

Getting carried away with RGB holiday lights

What started as a small project quickly snowballed; taking way more time than anticipated, going through multiple scrapped plans and hardware changes, my fingers still hurting from making cables and pushing pixels through corrugated plastic. But for all the overkill, it does look pretty. It started when I ordered two strands of Govee RGB patioContinue reading “Getting carried away with RGB holiday lights”